A Deep Dive into SmartCats StayHome Technology

A Deep Dive into SmartCats StayHome Technology

At SmartCats StayHome, we pride ourselves on blending technological innovation with cat welfare. But what really goes into our state-of-the-art cat-proof fence? Let's dive in.

Sturdy Materials:
Depending on the installation pack you choose—be it Timber, Colorbond Metal, or Masonry—we ensure durable and weather-resistant materials that can withstand both the elements and your cat's adventurous spirit.

Discreet Design:
Our cat fence solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing fences. The discrete design ensures the aesthetics of your property are maintained while providing top-notch safety.

Polywire System:
The thin Polywire, supported 60mm above any existing fence, acts as both a visual and physical barrier. It's designed to be safe for cats, ensuring they don't get harmed if they attempt to explore beyond their boundaries.

Find out how it works.

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